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 Machine learning   At a Glance 

A.I.? Deep learning? Here are simple explanations!

The most intuitive way to understand Machine learning is,
to be a machine.

If you are interested in AI, machine learning

but don’t know anything yet,

If you have some background knowledge

but want the core principles,

If you want a taste of machine learning

without thick books full of formulas,

If you have studied before

but want to review the key points,

Then this course is for YOU!

Storytelling is one of the most efficient ways of learning, making information easy to absorb. With this in mind, I designed this course with an alternative story-telling method.  Throughout these stories, you will not remain solely as a reader, but will be depicted within the story yourself.

The most intuitive way to understand machine learning is to be a machine. Through these stories, you will be solving given problems one by one as a machine. By doing so, you will find yourself beginning to understand the core principles of machine learning.

This is a short course - able to be finished in a short time.

Furthermore, you will be able to recognize and remember the key points of machine learning and utilize it any time, any place. If you forget, you can always return here, and review this course in as little as 10~20mins!


 Chapter 1    The Big picture 

  1.1  So what is ‘learning’? (1)

  1.2  So what is ‘learning’? (2)

  1.3  A.I. / machine learning / deep learning

  1.4  Regression / classification, supervised / unsupervised learning

  1.5  Pop quiz!

 Chapter 2    Algorithms at a glance

  2.1  Linear regression 

  2.2  Logistic regression

  2.3  Softmax 

  2.4  Neural network (1)

  2.5  Neural network (2)

  2.6  Overfitting, regularization 

  2.7  Support vector machine 

  2.8  K-means 

  2.9  Pop quiz!

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